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From Chairman's Pen
Baba Farid Sr. Sec. School is an integral part of Baba Farid Group of Institutions.  
From Principal's Desk
Respected Parents & Dear Students 
 From Principal's Desk
Respected Parents & Dear Students
It is a matter of great pleasure for all of us to find our long cherished dream coming true, the dream of spreading the light of education. We consider education as a mission not a business . We think that quality education goes wayward by theoretical knowledge only. So we try to add practical approach towards life, to prepare young minds evolve into better individuals with humanistic approach. We have a firm conviction that this type of education is a corner-stone for the complete upliftment of the society.

Bearing this motive in our minds we help our each aspirants to develop his/her fullest potential without constraining their inherent abilities. We urge our students to work hard and compete relentlessly to have better sustenance in present era. We work as a team to shape up the personalities of our students in a harmonious manner in order to give practical approach to the modern educational system .We are dedicated to promote class room culture with an aim to eradicate the menace of tuition culture and copying. We also try to inculcate in our students a sense of national unity, morality , love , integrity, fraternity & hospitality to prepare them to meet the challenges in their lives ahead. We work with the objective to tap students’ potential to produce extra ordinary professionals.

We are constantly making efforts to provide the best academic, infrastructural and social environment to our students so as to prepare them to face the world in real sense. Having faith in our capabilities and work culture, I assure you that we will stick to our ideal commitment. I also promise to leave no stone unturned to help our students to receive what they deserve in life gracefully after getting the best from our school.

                                                                                                                                                   Baljinder Singh Sidhu

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